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small business VoIP
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VoIP Providers in USA, and what Americans think of VoIP 

If you know what VoIP means, you may fall into the temptation to think that everyone knows it. But this is not so of course. Even though VoIP enabled communications spread with the speed of light, there are people over the world who use VoIP, but at the same time have no idea of the name of the technology behind their gadgets or services. Take for example Skype, which also uses VoIP. Matters get complicated because of the long list of VoIP providers in USA and the diverse services they provide. It is not surprising taking into consideration that VoIP originated in US, but nevertheless Americans seem not to be much excited about it. 

What is VoIP?


One of the reasons is that being a society of consumers, Americans do not like to go into too technical details. As long as it is working and is cheap, then it will do. Surely we are speaking about the general public here. Take for example the recent survey about VoIP by a communication company Haris among American consumers. It has revealed quite interesting results. Around a thousand persons were questioned and it showed that if asked what VoIP is, participants found it hard to answer, but when explained that it is “Voice Over Internet Protocol”, then the majority guessed what it is about. Also, it turned out that one in five of the survey participants answered that VoIP is the name of some sort of European hybrid car brand. Of course if not now, then in the nearest future VoIP technology will be present in cars also. Considering all this, Haris came out with a proposition that it may be useful to change the name - VoIP to something more understandable for public, like for example – a digital phone or digital voice. 

VoIP Providers in USA


Another survey found out that while deciding which business VoIP service to choose, US consumers are not as much interested in the features offered, at least in the beginning, as to how safe and reliable the provider is. There are many VoIP service providers in the US market currently, but we suggest you use the services of Voicebuy, a trusted and reliable VoIP services provider. Voicebuy is well known among wholesale VoIP providers in USA and has received several awards for its service quality and customer care excellence. By cooperating with Voicebuy, you can open your business and become VoIP service provider yourself. Visit now Voicebuy official page for more information


Get Easy Profit Now with Voicebuy VoIP Reseller Program 

Growing popularity of VoIP

It will be no news to state that a smart person should ideally establish his own business. That is the way to prosperity as the classical works on capitalism have proved long ago. In this article we want to hint a very easy program for starting self-business. You know of course that nowadays there is a trend to switch to VoIP communications and discard the old style standard networks. VoIP provides low rates to call virtually to every corner of the world, it can give small business such tools and mechanisms, which will pave the way to success for them. VoIP has become an indispensable thing in all offices worldwide and it continues its advance. 

In order to have VoIP communications, you should buy the service from VoIP providers. There are currently plenty for VoIP providers in every country, but they in their turn buy VoIP from VoIP resellers. These in turn buy from wholesale VoIP providers and then distribute it to their clients. The system works like in all wholesale retail chain operations. You buy in bulk and then resell it in parts. The idea is as old as the commerce itself. 

How to become VoIP Reseller

So why not become a VoIP reseller? It can provide an easy income with very little investment. VoIP reseller business is one of the most trendy business directions and it has tendency to grow statistically. The hindrance is I think mostly in that people do not like going into details with everything too technical. One needs to give energy, time and nerves in finding out all peculiarities of VoIP resellers business. But as they say the game is worth the candles. 

Voicebuy VoIP reseller program

Though there are plenty of VoIP reseller opportunities, we suggest you pick up Voicebuy, because it offers you best VoIP reseller program. Voicebuy unique and feature –rich reseller program offers you an easy opportunity to start providing your own reseller VoIP services. Do not get back by any unknown or uncertain terminology or process; everything is easier than it seems. You should just register in the company's website, get your own website and provide VoIP services without making any global investment. There are no any special criteria in order to become a VoIP reseller and it doesn't matter whether you are an individual or business. 


The Connection between Efficient Communications and VoIP

effivient communication We all know that communications should be efficient. Nobody wants to have bad and inefficient communications. Just in the contrary. Ok, so what is efficient communication and how it is achieved. Surely it is something, which is not falling from the sky; it needs special attention, planning and much effort. Moreover, once established it will not function by itself, it needs constant attention, correction of errors and maintenance.

Who needs efficient communications? Of course everyone, but more businesses, because without efficient communications there is no profit, which itself means that efficient communication equals profit. That is why all normal businesses are interested in efficient communications. Without efficient communication, there is disruption, misunderstanding, decentralization, conflict and eventually a failure. So even though efficient communications can be defined in hundreds of subjective ways, the truth fluctuates between this: efficient communications should be low cost, uninterrupted, with high level of quality and support, and have all modern tools for daily situations in the office. This means that inevitably efficient communication of this and coming centuries will be related to web.   Communications through web happens via VoIP technology VoIP communications are much cheaper than traditional landline networks. They offer businesses much flexibility and call management through IP PBX systems, which provides such services as auto attendant, various kinds of forwarding (including to Skype) and voicemail, call parking and hunt groups. But whereas you will have to invest means to acquire PBX devices, there is also an option to use free hosted PBX, that is the hardware, which is located and operates at the provider's premises, and you use only the supporting application.   Small business VoIP solutions will certainly ease your communications processes and make them more effective and less costly. You can acquire VoIP from VoIP wholesale providers. There is a fierce competition between wholesale VoIP providers because the market is growing and VoIP is spreading to most remote areas of the world. This competition makes the prices go down, affects the improvement of service and support as well as compels the VoIP companies to value its clients.


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Hidden Treasures of VoIP System

Nearly all articles on VoIP start by convincing readers as to how beneficial it is switching to VoIP system for communications. The main justification for such a move is seen as the cost. And indeed as compared to standard phone lines, the VoiP system is much cheaper. But the cost is not the only reason to move to VoIP, there are some features, which are not visible at the first sight but would prove to be so convenient that may provoke the move to VoiP by themselves. Below listed are some “hidden treasures” of  VoIP  and  VoIP Hosted PBX systems.



Intelligent Door

We all got used to mobiles unlocking cars, setting the air conditioner levels or ordering a lunch in the nearby restaurant. But there is a VoIP feature, which will allow your mobile to communicate with the door of your office and command it to open to the visitor. This can be handy when you are not able to open the door physically or you are out of office.




Hound Dog Call system

These are hectic days, and all of us happen to be in so many places during the day, that it may be hard for the incoming call to get us on the spot. Free hosted PBX - one of the most widely used VoIP services,  has a system, much resembling a hound dog when  it is hunting, when you define a specific call sequence before it gets to the voicemail.  For example a call comes to your desk phone, but you are out, then it travels to your home phone, if not taken, it goes to your mobile,  and thus it can travel as much as you like, until it gets you, before accessing your voicemail. 




Make Text from your Voicemail

Here everything is simple. Say there are a lot of numbers in your voicemail or you want to print some information, then having your voicemail in the written form can save your ears and nerves from much pressure. Besides, in this way you can  organize your voicemail well.



Treat your Customer a Good Music


If for some reason your customer has to wait on the line, you can set a good music for him/her to listen to before you get back. All of us have experienced this and it is very important to guess the taste of the customer to make him/her comfortable and to dissuade him/her from breaking the phone or the mobile against the table or a wall.



Apart from these there are other features like Internet use and inbound/outbound call statistics, call screening, auto attendant, conferencing, do not disturb feature. All these features and more can be acquired from Voicebuy, an international VoIP termination provider. For more information please visit


Voicebuy Infographic about some Funny and Amusing Telecom Facts

Any new development or phenomenon in people's life gives birth to some amasing, interesting and even funny facts.

Voicebuy infographic is about the telecom facts from the very first steps untill our days.

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Wholesale VoIP versus Retail VoIP

The use of VoIP as an effective method of communication has become popular with businesses, so many organizations choose to get rid of the land lines offered by traditional phone companies in favor of VoIP system, as it provides enterprises with a significantly more network design flexibility. Currently, twenty-five percent of enterprises are taking full advantage of this technology, and 75% consider deploying it within the next two years. In fact, enterprises that are not actively planning to deploy VoIP system, are at risk of falling behind their competition, as it continues to evolve. In fact, those companies that choose to use VoIP technology reap a lot of benefits, as it is an affordable and effective tool to connect with their customers, suppliers and employees. Currently, there are mainly two broad categorizations of VoIP business models: wholesale VoIP and retail VoIP.

Wholesale VoIP


Wholesale VoIP is a business model, where other VoIP service providers are your customers. Wholesale VoIP service providers usually offer minutes or terminating routes to customers, for various destinations around the world. A Wholesale VoIP operator should be connected to many termination operators, for the same destination, in order to offer a better quality of service and redundancy in operations. For instance, if you offer Japan termination, you need to connect with multiple operators or vendors who have quality routes for Japan, so that you can have a choice of better rates and quality parameters. So, this will help you sell the Japan destination to your customers and keep them satisfied.

Retail VoIP


In this business model, the VoIP service provider offers services to individual customers. Individual customers can be those individuals who make long distance calls, also SME organizations, enterprise customers or corporations having many employees who usually use communication services. Among numerous options that offer Retail VoIP operators to end users are Calling Cards, calls from data enabled mobile phones, giving a callback service option, also calls from PC or from IP devices and etc. Nowadays, Retail VoIP service providers offer their customers a suite of services which include voice calls, SMS over IP, instant messaging, as well as value added services on their platforms.

Voicebuy- a reliable and quality wholesale VoIP provider


Nowadays there are a lot of wholesale VoIP and Retail VoIP providers, which offer different options in terms of pricing, features and how the service is delivered. As a wholesale VoIP termination provider Voicebuy is among the best in today's market. It is dealing with around 100 vendors from different parts of the world and the popularity of the company is growing, as it provides high quality wholesale VoIP termination services at the lowest rates and most favorable prices. Voicebuy offers the customers a wide variety of services, such as Hosted PBX, Mobile dialer, Business VoIP, SIP trunking and VoIP Switch Partitioning, as well as four wholesale VoIP routes: Standard route, Premium Route, Premium Plus Route and Voicebuy Mix. Voicebuy has an amazing reseller program for those, who are seeking an easy way to make money and start a profitable and fast-growing business.


Wholesale VoIP Termination Benefits For Your Business

Since old methods of communication networking are no longer reliable, technologies such as wholesale VoIP are becoming increasingly popular. Today, venturing into wholesale VoIP termination services is one of the most profitable prepositions for those who want to become a player of the telephony industry. Wholesale VoIP termination service has provided modern solution to all the telecommunication needs of the businesses as it is not only cost-effective and provides the same voice quality as traditional PSTN or PBX, but also helps the businesses to unify their communication structure among various branches. In fact, this in turn has led to the increase in the number of wholesale VoIP termination providers to keep up with the growing demand for VoIP call transmission services.

What systems are available for VoIP networks?


All VoIP networks have a termination point, it is the end point where you make calls or send messages. Depending on your specific needs, there are different tiers in VoIP. A VoIP termination service can provide you with a termination point of your call that originated from a VoIP network. This can help you save thousands if compared to a traditional telephone network that charges you for the switching from one network to another.

What are the capabilities of a VoIP termination network ?


In fact, there is a wide range of benefits of switching to a VoIP Termination service. Today VoIP termination gives businesses the chance to offer their customers the best of what modern technologies have to offer. VoIP termination can help your business get an edge on the competition – by offering real services and support in real-time. The savings and abilities of VoIP termination are not limited to customers and clients, as VoIP termination services can also help businesses increase their productivity. This is something that has helped the expansion of small and medium sized businesses. It has not only opened doors, but also helped increase production and provide a better work flow – no matter where a business is headquartered.

How can wholesale VoIP termination help your business?


Wholesale VoIP termination can give businesses a pricing model to help them save a huge amount of money. Today purchasing large-scale wholesale VoIP termination is becoming increasingly popular in the business sector, as it offers new solutions that can save large, medium, and small businesses thousands on their communications costs, nowadays even some private individuals are taking advantage of the potential savings available.



Voicebuy : a leading wholesale VoIP termination provider in the market



There is a huge amountof wholesale VoIP termination service providers in the market who offer cheap wholesale VoIP termination services. So, wholesalers have to select the best among the various wholesale VoIP termination providers.

Voicebuy, which is among the top 5 wholesale VoIP providers for 2014 ranked by, is one of the best wholesale VoIP termination providers in today's highly competitive market. Today the geographical scope of the company is broadening rapidly, because customers value high quality and affordable VoIP Termination Services that it offers. Voicebuy offers its customers a wide variety of features such as mobile dialers, SIP trunking, switch partitioning, as well as an amazing VoIP reseller program.

Voicebuy offers four Wholesale VoIP routes to its customers:

  • Standard route is for the users who prefer least-cost VoIP solutions and medium quality.
  • Premium Route is for the ones who adhere to call quality as the most important.
  • Premium Plus Route is for the most demanding customers, as it provides pure quality long distance calls
  • Voicebuy Mix assumes three VoIP routes in one product 


Choosing a quality wholesale VoIP termination provider can help your business save a large amount of money and get an edge on the competition – by offering real services and support in real-time.


VoIP Penetration into the Different Spheres of Life

Today, VoIP technology is quickly being adopted by different industries government agencies as it brings together old and new technologies to provide powerful and cost-effective models of efficient communication for both individuals and businesses.




In fact, VoIP adoption took place earlier with small and mid-size banks, but now large banks are also moving to VoIP system. VoIP is a very attractive proposition to banking system, as it not only offers huge cost savings, but also the abilities to improve staff efficiency and improve customer service.




Today many colleges, higher education institutions and also K-12 schools are using Voice over Internet Protocol as an efficient communication solution. The most essential advantage of VoIP for education is that it provides better interaction between parents and instructors at schools or higher education institutions than traditional techniques.


National Security


Since broadband Internet is becoming the foundation for unified communications, it is plausible to consider VoIP as a potential safety net in emergency situations. DoD considered VoIP a useful tool during matters of national security and is trying to enhance its mobile gateways to deliver classified data straight to its agents smart phones. The Department of Defense is considering a full migration to VoIP technology.


Choosing a reliable wholesale VoIP provider can be an essential step for the prosperity of your business in today's extremely competitive market.



Which Type of VoIP Service Suits You Best?

Today VoIP is on the track to become dominant and most popular form of voice communication. This news comes at no surprise to current customers, as VoIP provides a better quality service and it is much more cost-effective compared with traditional phone lines. In fact, VoIP is becoming increasingly customizable and it entices more customers into investing. So companies can compete with one another to offer even more attractive deals for customers. More and more experts agree that VoIP is on the fast-track to replacing landline phones entirely, but before registering for a VoIP service, you should decide what flavor of VoIP suits you best in order to make optimal use of this technology for greater benefits and lower costs. Your needs and the way you communicate will help you decide which type of VoIP service to choose.


Software-based VoIP service



Software-based or computer-based VoIP service is the most common among VoIP users. This type of service is available to people in all the countries of the world, unlike hardware based services, which are available to people of a country or locality. Software-based services are usually free, when they involve PC-to-PC communication on the Internet. You should only download the application which is called a soft-phone, then install it on your machine, register for a free account and talk to other people using the same service on their computers. With computer-based VoIP service users should install a soft-phone application or portable devices on their computers or make calls through the service provider's web-based interface.


Residential VoIP Service



Residential VoIP Service is especially well adapted for household solutions. It is a good replacement for the PSTN. When you sign up for this service, you are sent a phone adapter ( ATA) that you plug, on one side, to your ADSL line and on the other, to your regular phone set. So all your calls pass through the ATA. The cost of residential VoIP Service includes a once-off subscription fee and also monthly fees. Calls are usually made unlimited locally or towards certain predefined destinations, or the service can cover a limited number of minutes.


Mobile VoIP Service


Mobile telephony plays an essential role in our modern world. VoIP won't have such a great success if it stayed wired. Today many VoIP users are scrutinizing the pipeline for services that will help them make free or cheap calls using their mobile phones, anywhere. Some mobile VoIP services have emerged, turning into a promising industry. In order to use mobile VoIP, you should have a mobile phone that is compatible with the service you choose, then you need to download and install a soft-phone, and use it to make and receive free calls to and from your buddies who have the same service.


Business VoIP Service and Solutions



Many companies have realized the true cost savings of switching to VoIP services, as it can help companies achieve success. Today’s business VoIP services are significantly advanced, thus deploying VoIP in a small and medium business does not only replace the existing phone system, but also adds a wide variety of features, quality and fluidity in the organization. There are many programs that offer advanced scalability options and help companies expand and downsize without the risk of incurring costly fees, penalties or necessary upgrades.


Voicebuy- leading international wholesale VoIP provider


Once you have chosen the type of VoIP service you need, you should select a service provider to subscribe with. Today, Voicebuy is one of the most reputable wholesale VoIP providers in the market. Voicebuy is in the list of the top five wholesale VoIP providers for 2014, ranked by It is dealing with around 100 vendors in Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa providing them with high quality VoIP Termination Services, affordable at competitive rates and most favorable prices. The geographical scope of the company is broadening day by day and more customers are choosing Voicebuy for the stability, security and quality of Voicebuy VoIP termination. Voicebuy offers its customers a wide variety of services, regardless of the business size and can help them make great savings on their daily telephone calls:

Voicebuy offers four Wholesale VoIP routes to its customers:

As now you are aware of the existing types of VoIP service, you can choose the type of VoIP service that suits your communication needs best.


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Voicebuy VoIP Termination

Welcome to international wholesale VoIP provider - Voicebuy!


Having interconnections with up to 100 tier 1 carriers and national telecoms, we provide our customers with the best VoIP services available at competitive rates. By providing low-rate VoIP wholesale termination, we strengthen our position on the world market, broadening our geographical scope and getting more customers with each passing day.


We offer our services to small and medium-sized VoIP providers, call shops, corporate customers and VoIP resellers. Our customers need to configure VoIP software, register in our web site, make the prepayment and enjoy the package of high-grade services we offer.


With Voicebuy wholesale VoIP provider you can make cheap VoIP calls and even simultaneous cheap VoIP calls at any corner of the world! Moreover, we allow our customers an opportunity to check the quality of call, by providing them with $1 credit for a free VoIP test call!


Voicebuy offers:

  • Wholesale VoIP Termination
  • Business VoIP Systems
  • Mobile VoIP Solutions
  • VoIP Reseller Options

Voicebuy provides with three different VoIP routes:

    • the lowest possible rates and the best possible call quality
    • Excellent quality routes at low low rates
    • The highest quality routes at the lowest possible rates


Our clients can use all the three routes in a single account: VOICEBUY MIX.